GGC launches FindMe in Kuwait


We have just released our latest report on investment opportunities in Kuwait for the Spanish market as the two countries celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations.  


Kuwait is currently undergoing a massive infrastructure development plan that includes kilometers of roads, a metro and railway system that will connect the country with the rest of the GCC. Construction of dozen of hospitals and schools has already started and government expenditure is pouring over the rich oil sector, hoping to renovate the infrastructure to increase production capacity from the current 2.3 million barrels to 4 million by 2020.


Spain is one of Kuwaiti´s preferred holiday destination and many kuwaitis have their summer home there. Spanish fashion brands are present in the most iconic malls while the spanish football league "La Liga" is a trending topic in Kuwait.  Nadal, at tennis or Alonso in GP are also the preferred stars of many young kuwaitis. Almost 80% of the country´s population is under the age of 30. 


After more than a lost decade, after the Iraq-Iran war and then the invassion of Kuwait by Sadam Husseim, Kuwait wants to pick up with its fast developing neighbouring countries and compete with them in a record time.  A Vision 2030 long term development plan intends to transform the country.


This plan is seen as an opportunity for Spanish companies that are already present in the region as FCC, OHL or Indra or for new companies and even entrepreneurs that have succeded in Kuwait.


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Kuwait Expansion

The billionaire Kuwait´s Development Plan  include new road infrastructure, metro and railway lines and heavy investments in health and education 

Gran Canaria, the door to Africa

Gran Canaria, part of a 7 islands Spanish archipielago in the Atlantic Ocean, becomes an important logistic hub serving the African continent and benefits from the growing oil & gas sector of West Africa.



Saudi Arabia´s stedy growth

The region’s largest economy and the 19th largest of the world, Saudi Arabia´is committed the overhaul of the country infrastructure.

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Adil Alayyar, Kuwait

"I think that the Gulf is His Majesty territory so the political elite does not want to get involved. Who can who missed many opportunities in the Gulf, and Rajoy, who has not come yet. I passed an invitation to His Majesty the Crown Prince and His wife Princess Leticia three years ago and I would love to see them here", told former Ambassador of Kuwait in Spain to GGC."


Sergio Alonso, Gran Canaria

"Domingo Alonso es un negocio familiar que se fundó en el año 1935 y que está dirigido actualmente por la última generación: mis hijos. Antes colaboraban conmigo, ahora soy yo el que colabora con ellos. Esta nueva generación está centrada en la internacionalización del negocio que se ha expandido por un lado a Sudamérica y por otro a África".

Kuwait in Spain

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Our latest investment report has been published today in the prestigious Spanish newspaper ABC.  FindMe in Kuwait is a complete investment report on the projects and opportunities that arise from Kuwait´s long term development plan Vision 2030.


Our mobile application on who is who in Kuwait, where to invest and why to invest will be release soon!


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GGC launches FMS and FMB mobile apps

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GGC concludes FindMe in Bahrain

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Global Gulf Consulting has concluded its latest production on Bahrain, FindMe in Bahrain giving the country a fresh approach after a couple of difficult years of local demonstrations that matched the global recession.  Bahrain is a small island in the Arabian Gulf with an incredible potential for logistics, industries and tourism. FindMe in Bahrain was supported by both the public and private sector of Bahrain.  Banagas, Nass Corporation, BBK and DHL were GGC strategic partners in the development of the series among others.  

FindMe in Bahrain is available at the local bookstores Jashamal and online as well as in the Apple Store. It is a full business leisure and business guide for any investor or visitor interested in traveling to Bahrain or for those that already live there.


New release: FindMe in Saudi 2013 Edition

FindMe in Saudi offers a multi-faceted overview combining business and leisure, economy and heritage. The book aims to capture the current development of Saudi Arabia in the words of the people who live and work there. It is an authoritative source of information for investors, businessmen and travellers produced to firmly position KSA as an attractive investment destination.

In contains general information about the country´ economic performance and who is who as a sectorial overview and a leisure guide.    

FindMe in Saudi 2013
FMS 2012 A4 v15 web.pdf
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