FindMe in Saudi

Letter from the Editor


After a year of fundamental changes in Saudi Arabia with reforms made to both the government and the economy due partly to the contagious Arab Spring partly due to the arrival to the power of a new Crown Prince, KSA continues to grow exploiting its unique conditions for international investors.

The number one oil exporter has managed to corner the global financial crisis and has stayed away of uprisings by injecting millions of dollars to the system, mainly to tackle down the high unemployment rates. Social services have been expanded and wages have been increased. As the population continues growing with rising average incomes, the country remains one of the most attractive consumer markets in the region. This year GGC expects that the millions approved by the government to be invested in infrastructure, housing, health, education & ICT will drive up the economy benefitting also from the expansion of oil production at high  prices.

Additionally, Saudi´s strategic geographical location, low energy costs and tax-incentives policies will continue to attract international companies interested in participating in  the country´s development.


As publishers, we believe that this atmosphere of change needs to be told in an in-depth study of the country covered from different angles through interviews to the drivers of the fundamental change experienced by Saudi Arabia: FindMe in Saudi

FindMe in Saudi is an annual investment report in the shape of a high-end publication. Within the pages of a single and appealing publication the book is an easy to read in-depth analysis of the economy and invstment opportuinities of  Saudi Arabia over the last year with a sophisticated and business oriented approach.

Designed for the new young generation of globetrotter business people FindMe in Saudi reaches almost a million readers nationally and internationally. The book final purpose is to become the business book of reference for those coming to KSA and those that already live there. It will give all the necessary information at their fingertips in a single and appealing publication serving to firmly reinforce the country´s image worldwide.


We hope you can share with us your views in this new book on Saudi that has set a turning point in the publishing sphere of the country.


As our motto says, it is the moment to: “Stay Ahead”.


Nayra Delgado
Managing Director

FindMe in Bahrain

Letter from the Editor


As the unrest in Bahrain comes to an end after the promulgation of broad reforms and improvements made to the social system, the country continues attracting  international investors that choose the Gulf island as headquarters for their operations in the MENA region.  

Bahrain has a  business friendly  economy with a strong and well regulated financial system that felt the weight of the global financial crisis but  remained solid. With world class commercial regulations and entities, Bahrain also continues diversifying its economy from oil to downstream industry, tourism, shipping, aviation and logistics.  Its strategic location bordering Saudi Arabia, the biggest consumer market of the region, makes the island an attractive option for international companies interested in the Middle East. 


FindMe in Bahrain aims to be a recopilation of a year of happenings in the country: the answers to the big 5 Ws presented in a book that combines the most important monthly news with interviews and analysys of the economy and its investment opportunities condimented with articles  on heritage, culture or lifestyle.


FindMe in Bahrain will be distributed nationally and internationally reaching nearly half a million readers.  Its  final purpose is to become the book of reference for those coming to Bahrain and for those that already live there. 


You can follow news,  interviews and articles  in our facebook page: FindMe in Bahrain



Nayra Delgado

Managing Director

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