Why Health Tourism in Spain?


Quality medical treatments that are up to 70 percent cheaper than the USA and the UK. For example, a nose re-shaping in a private UK hospital would cost a patient anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, but in Spain the same surgery is available for around 2,400 pounds. In general, cosmetic surgery costs around 60 percent more in the UK than it does in Spain, and prices for knee or hip replacements are around half what they are in Britain.

Highly Qualified Professionals

Spain's Ministry of Health recognizes and supervises over 750 hospitals and over 450,000 doctors and nurses.

In accordance with Spanish law, all doctors undergo at least six years of training before they can officially begin to practice medicine, while those wishing to specialize in one particular area must train for even longer before they are recognized as qualified in their field.

Tourism Infrastructure

Taking advantage of the existing tourism infrastructure, the Spanish government is making inroads to the medical tourism industry and is emerging as one of the most popular medical tourism destinations, especially for medical services like orthopedic surgery, dental treatments, cosmetic procedures, bariatric care, ophthalmology and elective surgery. 


Undergoing rehab in a warm climate is an important factor that prompted the Danish health system to open a clinic in Benalmádena, Málaga, to cater for the long term rehabilitation Danish Patients.  The Montebello clinic could be a model for other Gulf States institutions to establish a presence in Spain through strategic alliances with existing clinics.

Health Infrastructure

Spanish Hospitals are well equipped with state of the art technology and both private and state medical facilities in Spain have departments dedicated specifically to medical tourists.

Wellbeing tourism, which takes in spa and beauty treatments, has seen huge growth over the last decade, but the focus now is increasingly on medical treatments, many of them relatively complex, from orthopedics to cancer and even heart operations.

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