Health Facilities and Personnel

he Spanish National Health System has an extensive network of health centres and hospitals throughout the country which offer primary health care services (family/GP services, pediatrics and nursing, with midwives, physiotherapists and social workers).


All of the hospitals in Spain are recognized and supervised by the Spanish Ministry of health but as the country is is divided into 17 autonomous communities each region takes individual responsibility with the central government jurisdiction restricted to the overall budget. 


There are several health facilities in Spain, both private and state-owned, that have specialized departments catering exclusively for medical tourists with English-speaking doctors and medical staff.


The country accounts for around 750 hospitals that are serviced by 450,000 doctors and nurses who are both heavily trained. Doctors go under thorough medical training for at least 7 years and longer for specialization before they are certified and licensed. Nurses are considered to be some of the best globally and are in high demand as Spain’s four-year nursing programes often devote many hours to practical experience in dealing with patients.  


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