Interview with

Mr. Samy Nihad


of Dar Al Najat Medical Technology


If someone was to summarise what has happened in Saudi Arabia in the last years, that could well be Mr. Samy Nihad, Vice-president of Dar Al Najat Medical Technology, who says what used to be a very difficult country to work in has become a place where businessmen and investors are welcome and well treated. I am a US national and when I started this company 16 years ago I brought with me all the American principles and procedures but to try and adapt our team and clients to American standards was not easy because of the difference in mentalities. However I tried to strike in the middle, applying part of this and that to get things done”, says Mr. Nihad who using this philosophy turned around a 2 million company into a sAr40 company.


“It was frustrating at the beginning because people here did not appreciate time as westerns do. But now people here are changing.  They are in a changing mode for the better and this is helping to ease doing business as well,” he continues. “The seed laid by the government in the education system is giving its fruits and now we can count with very good Saudi engineers working with us that excel in their jobs.” Samy Nihad came to the country around 20 years ago under the auspice of his US classmate Mr. Yousif H Al-Hamdan, a successful Saudi politician and businessmen owner and president of Yousif H Al Hamdan Trading Co. Ltd. (YAHTCO). Under his umbrella, Nihad founded Dar Al Najat Medical Technology in 1998 as a Saudi Arabian private firm specialized in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of various medical equipment & supplies. “With a growing population and a lack of specialised hospitals and doctors, I admire the government of Saudi Arabia’s effort to try and tackle the healthcare needs of the society by investing a major part of the national budget in it”, explains Mr. Nihad.  

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