Interview with
Fuad Basioni
Deputy General Manager and Business Developer of Saudi Asma Environmental Solutions




As the first environmental monitoring and consultancy organization in the kingdom and the leading company in this burgeoning sector, Asma (Arabic for going further, finding a better solution) has worked with all the big names. Fuad Basioni, deputy general manager and business developer of Saudi Asma Environmental Solutions, as the company's full name goes, explains how the company started work in 2007.


“Our founder, Dr. Fadil started with just a few people, but demand quickly took off and we currently have 196 employees. We provide environmental impact assessments (EIAs), we monitor and measure effects of existing facilities, primarily air and water quality, but also noise levels. Saudi companies were initially hesitant to have impact studies carried out, but now it is becoming standard practice.”


The company, which also offers waste management services and food quality control, has until now been concentrating on the Gulf region, working in KSA, Qatar and Dubai. “We want to put our stamp on this region before expanding geographically,” says Basioni. The company's equipment has until now been imported from abroad, but Asma is considering setting up local production facilities.


Says Basioni: “Our slogan is 'to work for a better environment', and apart from building a profitable business, we also want to spread a message. People are slowly becoming aware of environmental issues here, but there is an urgent need for education from the basics upward, starting with the basics of everyday life, such as not throwing waste out of the car window, taking care of cigarette butts ...”

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