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Barcelona is one of Gulf Nationals preferred holiday destinations. Now that the season is coming up, join our successful city guides in partnership with Oryx, Qatar Airways Inflight Magazine


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Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will also be featured in our new edition of City Guides. For international business and investment opportunities, you can check our FindMe series


Global Gulf Consulting partners with ORYX, Qatar Airways Inflight Magazine

We are happy to announce that Global Gulf Consulting has become the sole representative of Oryx, Qatar Airways Inflight Magazine in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Spain and would like to extend you the opportunity to align your brand with one of the world’s most valuable brands according to a recent ranking conducted by Brand Finance, a world-leading independent brand valuation consultancy. 

You will reach a captive audience of 22 million people most of them top business executives and government officials with high purchasing power.

Oryx, the inflight magazine of Qatar Airways, is a monthly publication that reaches 2,2 million people per month with just over half of them coming from Europe and the United States and over 51% flying in business class. The other half comes mostly from the Gulf region and has a personal net income that reaches US $250,000 annually and an average age of 38 years old.


How many passengers per month?

More than 2 million a month* 28 million passengers for 2016*

Passenger growth in the past 5 years

2014/15 – 26 million 2013/14 – 22 million 2012/13 – 18 million 2011/12 – 17 million

Fleet facts

170 aircraft with more than 330 new aircraft on order, worth over US$70 billion.


Number of countries travelled

A modern fleet of 170 aircraft flying to more than 150 key business and leisure destinations across six continents.

Hamad International Airport

25,000m2 space housing more than 70 retail outlets 

It flies daily to Barcelona and Madrid and to Manama,  Kuwait City and to seven destinations in Saudi Arabia that include Dammam, Hofuf, Riyadh, Gassim, Madinah, Jeddah, Taif.



We are promoting now our launching reduced prices and different formats that include regular advertising or our 24 hours guide in … which, due to its attractive lay out, has proven very successful in other cities like Barcelona with one of the highest response rates. 7 out of 10 people act on the information they read in an in-flight magazine with 75% recall. 


Oryx offers local brands a window of opportunity to attract new clients through a 5 stars airline. It flies 22 million passengers per year and reaches over 140 destinations worldwide. It has been officially awarded World’s number one  airline four years running, and is one of only six airlines worldwide to have achieved a 5-star rating by Skytrax – the world’s leading independent aviation industry monitor. It is the perfect platform for your brand to become exclusive in and outside your country. 


Our list of advertisers include luxury brands such as Armani, Hermes or Tiffani as well as other international renown brands such as Virgin, Desigual, Furla, Chicago Airports, 6th floor Museum Dallas, American university, Busson and Sikorski, Philadelphia medicine, Medcare Hospital, Miami Beach Dentistry or Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular (IMO). Barcelona.


Download Oryx Media Kit and ask for our launching prices
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46% disposable income 

Qatar has the highest percentage of millionaire households in the world. 52% of Qatar’s wealthy population has an income of more than US$75,000. 

A vast 46% of that is discretionary. 

World’s highest GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP)
Qatar has a GDP of over US$110,000 GDP (PPP),
almost double that of the UAE.


Business and Leisure tourism set to hit 3 million a year by the end of 2015 – and on course to hit 7 million by 2030. 

Tourism up 16% from GCC. Tourism up from France (8%), China (7%) and Americas (routes to Brazil, Argentina and expansion across North America (7%) 

Llerandi & Bejar

Llerandi & Bejar dental clinic has become one of the mandatory destinations to change your smile.

High-end dental practice at the heart of Madrid specializing in aesthetic dentistry.


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Health Tourism in Spain report

Spain has become one of the most wanted destinations among Arabs for their medical treatment.

The reason behind it is very simple: good weather paired to a great tourism infrastructure and a state of the art health system.



Health Tourism in Spain: a growing industry

Spain has become one of the most wanted destinations among Arabs for their medical treatment. The reason behind it is very simple: good weather paired to a great tourism infrastructure and a state of the art health system.

Spain, the third largest country in Western Europe with a population close to 47 million has one of the highest ratio of physicians per habitant in the world.  Global health indicators in Spain have been improving steadily since the 1970s to the extend that the average life expectancy is today one of the highest globally. In year 2000 the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a ranking of the best healthcare systems in the world and Spain was ranked 7th.

Although still behind countries like the US, Germany or the UK, medical tourism in Spain is generating an ever higher demand with both, private and state-owned hospitals catering for a growing industry.

Gulf Nationals account for some of the wealthiest people of the world while Gulf Countries spend millions sending their patients abroad or bringing in international doctors. Spain is well-positioned to cater for their growing demand in both, wellness and all types of surgery. Worldwide well-known doctors and clinics lead the growth of a sector that is fastly becoming more and more international. 

Global Gulf Consulting is currently producing a deep study of the sector that will be published in December in Oryx, Qatar Airways inflight Magazine reaching over 2 million people and flying to over 140 worldwide destinations.

You can read more at Need Treatment? Med Holiday in Spain 


Innovation Technology at the service of Medicine.


Custom Implants manufactured with electron beam melting (3D Print) made in Canary Islands. Awarded by Dezeen recently.

Global Gulf Consulting launches Invest in Gran Canaria Mobile app

Download Invest in Gran Canaria mobile app and discover the islands fiscal benefits and unparalleled investment environment.



Global Gulf Consulting has recently launched  Invest in GC the official mobile application of Gran Canaria Society of Economic Promotion (SPEGC),  Investors will find practical information on how to do business in the island with the best taxation system of Europe. It includes information on sectors to invest and opportunities as well as a tourist guide and top companies and who is who listings.


To download the mobile app please click here 

GGC organises a commercial mission of Gran Canaria Government to Kuwait

Gulf Investment House Chief Executive Officer Bashar Al-Tuwaijiri (C), Head of the Society for the Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria Jimena Delgado-Taramona (R) and GGC´s Managing Director Nayra Delgado

KUNA : Spain woos Kuwaiti investors - Economics - 09/04/2015

KUWAIT, April 9 (KUNA) -- Desiring to enhance investment cooperation with Kuwaitis, a delegation from the government of Gran Canaria, one of the seven islands that comprises the Spanish Archipelago Canary Islands, is visiting some Kuwaiti corporations to encourage businessmen to invest in the island which is under the legal umbrella of the European Union.
"We have met with senior officials of some Kuwaiti companies such as Agility, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC)," Jimena Delgado-Taramona, head of the Society for the Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria, told KUNA in an interview.
She said they are interested in investing in the island due to its unique conditions, adding that these companies will be mostly attracted not only by the tax regime but also by the logistics benefits it offers.
"We are in Europe, but with some tax benefits in an island that offers a natural privilege geographical location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Africa, Europe and America," she noted.
The Gran Canaria falls under the Special Tax Regime of Canary Islands (REF), one of the most attractive fiscal schemes in Europe which includes the Special Economic Zone (ZEC) that offers only 4 percent corporate tax and incentives as the Special Investment Reserve (RIC) that aims to further reduced taxes.
The island has become a logistic hub for international corporations that work in Africa, but live in our island, she added.
She noted that Kinross, a large mining company in the world, has already headquartered in Gran Canaria to attend its mining business in Mauritania and Ghana.
She stated that international institutions like USAID, the Red Cross or the World Food Program have also settled in the island its humanitarian hub that serves Africa.
Although the island is a tourist destination that receives about four million visitors a year, it seeks to attract Kuwaiti investors in other areas such as clean energy, marine technology, biotechnology and logistics, Delgado-Taramona said. As for the outcome of the visit she said: "This visit has past our expectations, lauding Kuwaiti generosity and hospitality." She hopes that Kuwaitis would come to invest in the island and also to have vacation, asserting that they will enjoy moderate weather there.
She added Kuwaitis expressed their satisfaction with all opportunities in the island. She noted companies are increasingly choosing the island for its location as a gateway to emerging markets in West Africa and a distribution platform between Africa, Europe and America.
"Our port is the main one in the Mid Atlantic with Norwegians, Germans and Americans locating their business there on repair and maintenance of oil rigs as well as other services for the oil-rich region of West Africa," she made clear. "We have been in the region for almost eight years and we feel that Spanish people and culture are very close to Kuwaitis," Nayra Delgado, GGC's Managing Director, told KUNA.
"Therefore, it is easier for Kuwaitis to establish long-term relations with our companies in Spain and vice versa," she affirmed. (end) hm

Arab investment looks into Gran Canaria opportunities

With a strategic geographical location, the island of Gran Canaria, one of the seven islands comprising the Spanish Archipelago of Canary Islands, has become a magnet for international investors. Located in the Mid Atlantic Ocean about 210 km off the oil rich West African coast and 1,250 km away from mainland Spain and Europe, Gran Canaria prime logistic infrastructure has attracted business related to the oil and mining industry of Africa. Mining companies like Australian Kinross have already located their headquarters in the island to serve its business in Mauritania while rigs from Ghana, Equatorial Guinea or Nigeria queue in Las Palmas Port for their annual check. S3, a Swedish aerospace company, will soon launch zero gravity space flights from the island, while scientist from all over the world are scrutinizing the deep sea searching for the magical chemistry isolated in algae.

The island offers a Special Tax and Economic Regime (REF) within the legal framework of the European Union but with the lowest corporate tax of Europe at 4% and reduced Indirect Tax (IGIC) at 7%. Investments can also benefit from 90% of profit exempted to taxation within the Investment Reserve (RIC). The combination of geography, location and economic incentives has also transformed Gran Canaria in a major movie set with renowned Hollywood movies filmed there, lately, Exodus, from Ridley Scott.

The island boosts an enviable climate nicknamed “the eternal spring”, never too cold and never too hot. With the best climate of the world according to recent studies, Gran Canaria with a population of less than one million people receives around 3 million tourists annually. But recently, due to the low property prices, Gran Canaria has also become the place to buy a house in Spain. Arab investors are also gliding over the opportunities in the island to buy their dream house, in a dreamland.

Read more in our upcoming investment report FindMe in Gran Canaria

GGC launches FindMe in Kuwait


We have just released our latest report on investment opportunities in Kuwait for the Spanish market as the two countries celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations.  


Kuwait is currently undergoing a massive infrastructure development plan that includes kilometers of roads, a metro and railway system that will connect the country with the rest of the GCC. Construction of dozen of hospitals and schools has already started and government expenditure is pouring over the rich oil sector, hoping to renovate the infrastructure to increase production capacity from the current 2.3 million barrels to 4 million by 2020.


Spain is one of Kuwaiti´s preferred holiday destination and many kuwaitis have their summer home there. Spanish fashion brands are present in the most iconic malls while the spanish football league "La Liga" is a trending topic in Kuwait.  Nadal, at tennis or Alonso in GP are also the preferred stars of many young kuwaitis. Almost 80% of the country´s population is under the age of 30. 


After more than a lost decade, after the Iraq-Iran war and then the invassion of Kuwait by Sadam Husseim, Kuwait wants to pick up with its fast developing neighbouring countries and compete with them in a record time.  A Vision 2030 long term development plan intends to transform the country.


This plan is seen as an opportunity for Spanish companies that are already present in the region as FCC, OHL or Indra or for new companies and even entrepreneurs that have succeded in Kuwait.


Read the full report below

Welcome to Global Gulf Consulting

The oil rich Gulf Region has become one of the most attractive investment destinations of the world with sound economies and massive expansion plans. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit the region will grow to a US$2trn economy by 2020. Hardly affected by the global financial crisis, governments in the Gulf have increased their budget expenditure into social projects to prevent their countries from the contagious Arab Spring. New universities and hospitals, schools and hundreds of housing projects rise around massive infrastructure developments set to create a robust region with diversified economies and an international heavy weight. Soon to become world top exportation leaders of petrochemicals, metals and plastics, the region is increasingly important in the global economy but also in the global politics.

Global Gulf Consulting is a one stop communications consultancy firm created to guide local governments and corporations to become more visible and accessible to international markets while helping foreign ventures to penetrate the market and establish there. Our wide range of products, our expertise in the market and our sophisticated approach will help you to Stay Ahead.

The billionaire Kuwait´s Development Plan includes new road infrastructure, metro and railway lines and heavy investments in health and education. 

Gran Canaria, part of a 7 islands Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, has become an important logistic hub serving the West African oil-rich area and acting as a platform between Europe, Africa and America.


Saudi Arabia is the Gulf region’s largest economy and the 19th largest of the world, Saudi Arabia is today one of the most industrialised countries of the GCC.

Who is GGC?

We are an experienced team especialised in communications strategies in and out of the Gulf Region designed to reinforce your commercial brand and providing creative solutions to STAY AHEAD of the market.


Discover more about our company.

What we do

An integrated communications service at your fingers´reach especialised in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GGC) countries .  Find out what GLOBAL GULF CONSULTING can do for you in the .


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Upcoming interviews

José Miguel Bravo de Laguna, Gran Canaria President (Presidente del Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria)
Juan Ruiz Alzola, director of the Research and Investigation Agency of Canary Islands, ACIISI

“We are in Europe but with tax benefits, a great climate and a strategic location for a possible expansion into Africa. We are in a good position, therefore, to place ourselves in the global market. All we need is more promotion, understanding and visualization”.

Invest in Gran Canaria

"Gran Canaria offers the scientific  community unique characteristics for two things: marine technology development and astronomy"

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