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With a geographically strategic location, the island of Gran Canaria has become a magnet for many very different business ventures. While a Swedish company will soon launch zero gravity trips to the space from the island, scientist from all over the world are scrutinizing the deep sea searching for the magical chemistry isolated in algae. Due to its geographical location between Europe, Africa and America, the island has also become a strategic meeting point, especially for those with business in the oil rich area of West Africa. The island offers a Special Tax and Economic Regime (REF) in the frameworks of the European Union, with the lowest corporate tax of Europe at 4% and reduced Indirect Tax (IGIC) to 7%. Investments can also benefit from 90% of profit exempted to taxation within the Investment Reserve (RIC) and from the Special Economic Zone (ZEC).

But the island is specially known for its weather, mild all year round, and its long sandy beaches that attract almost four million tourists per year. Even Hollywood has set an eye on the island. The combination of geography, location and economic incentives with 38% tax deduction against 18% in the rest of Spain make Gran Canaria a very attractive movie set. “Wild Oats”, the latest movie of Demi Moore, was recently filmed there. 

Why to Invest

  • Part of a top-end tourism destination that receives 12 million tourists per year
  • With the best climate of the world
  • Strategic geographical location between three continents.
  • The European door to Africa.
  • An investment destination regulated by the European Union Union legislation.
  • The best corporate tax schemes in a competitive and attractive legal framework.
  • A logistic hub with top infrastructure facilities.
  • A location that offers quality of life, a highly qualified workforce, top ranked universities and state of the art healthcare institutions


Global Gulf Consulting has recently released the first investment and tourism report on Gran Canaria published in the Gulf Region. Strategically chosen, Oryx, Qatar Airways inflight magazine, will serve as the island springboard to promote the local investment opportunities in the wealthy Gulf States.

Qatar Airways is the fastest growing airline of the world and the only 5 stars travelling experience. With an aggressive growth strategy it flights 16 million passengers connecting them to more than 130 worldwide destinations.

It has shown a 35% growth year-on-year for the past 10 years with 250 aircraft currently in order.

FindMe in Gran Canaria Contributors

                José Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Spain

                Hussein Mansour, Qatari Ambassador to Spain

                José Miguel Bravo de Laguna, President of  Gran Canaria

                Jimena Delgado-Taramona, Director Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society (SPEGC) 

                Beatriz Barrera, President Canaries Special Zone (ZEC)

                Juan José Cardona, Mayor of Las Palmas

                Sergio Arencibia, Commercial Director of Lopesan

                Luis Ibarra Betancor, President of Las Palmas Port

                Sergio Arencibia, President Emicela

                Luis Padrón, Ambassador of Casa Africa

                José Regidor García, Rector University of Las Palmas  

                José Sánchez Tinoco, President of the Chamber of Commerce

                Melchor Camón, Tourism Councillor of Gran Canaria

                Pablo Barbero, Tourism director of Las Palmas Municipality

                Alberto Martín Rodríguez, Director of Las Palmas International Airport

                Agustín Manrique de Lara, President of the Confederation of business people of Gran Canaria

                Germán Suarez, Astican 

                Sergio Alonso, President Domingo Alonso

                Alexis Lozano, Director Prensa Canaria

                Jacinto Artiles, Director Escoex International Business School

                Angel Luis Tadeo, Director Grupo Dunas

                Armando Rodriguez, Marketing Manager Hermanos Domínguez  

                Wolfgang Kiessling, President Loro Parque

                Octavio Llinás, Director PLOCAN

                Juan Ruiz Alzola, Director Agency of Investigation, innovation and information technology.

                José María Mañaricúa, President Gran Canaria Spa, Wellness & Health

                Bruno Berheide del Rio, Banco de Algas.

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