Before and after you arrive


Visit visa can be issued on arrival at Bahrain International Airport for a small fee for most western nationalities. The Visit eVisa allows you to stay in Bahrain for 2 weeks. An extension can be obtained for another 2 weeks by visiting NPRA in Bahrain. The Visit eVisa can only be used once, for a single entry. Passports must be valid for the length of your stay and six months prior to your arrival in Bahrain.

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Getting there and around

By Plane

Bahrain International Airport is well connected worldwide and will soon be expanded.  It is only 12 kilometres away of Manama City, roughly 20 minutes.  It services both regional and international destinations with all the main global airlines touching port there.

The airport also serves as a Gulf base for several international airlines including some cargo carriers and charter flight operators.

Bahrain International Airport contact details:


Airport Flight Information:  +973 17339339.

The national carrier is Gulf Air, the first airline to be set up in the Gulf Region recently reshuffled and currently being re-organised. 

Gulf Air Contact Details:


Call centre: +973 17373737

For more information please go to our iHelp section.

By Sea

Passenger ferries cross the Gulf Sea from Bahrain to Iran in 16 hours through the two main ports of Bahrain:  Mina Salman Port and Sitra.


By Road

The Saudi-Bahrain Causeway is the only link of Bahrain to the continent.  There is a double custom passing and congestions are fairly common, especially from Wednesday to Saturdays, which includes the Saudi and Bahraini weekends. If you drive to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia by road make sure you have all the needed documentation required by the Saudi Authorities, often quite strict. Buses have a separate and more expedited line.


Travelling inside

The most popular way of transportation in Bahrain is the taxi. And there are plenty of them.  There is even a Bahraini version of the famous London black cabs. However, prices are high and usually higher for inexperienced foreigners. Always ask for the meter. There is also the Manama Bus Station, which is located in the Government Avenue, in the diplomatic area, with buses that connects all the main cities of Bahrain at a fairly low cost. However schedule is unclear and timing unpredictable. For long stays find a good taxi driver and negotiate a monthly/weekly fee or directly rent a car.  Prices are fair and petrol is extremely cheap.  In a couple of days you will get used to the main arteries of the city and if you get lost you just have to ask anyone in the street.  You would be greatly surprised by Bahraini people hospitality.

Money matters

Currency: Bahraini dinar (BHD) = 1,000 fils.
The dinar is pegged to the US dollar at a
rate of BD0.376:US$1.
Coins are available
in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 fils, and banknotes
come in ½, 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinars.

Currency Exchange: Currency exchange services
abound in Bahrain.  You can change your money
at the airport on arrival, at the banks and hotels or
 in the small currency exchange offices that are
widespread across Manama and have a much
 better rate. (For the Exchange services list and
recommendations see the iHelp section).

Banking hours and credit cards: Banks in Bahrain
open from 7.30 to 15.00 from Sunday to Thursday.

ATMs are widespread across Bahrain and credit
cards are normally accepted.


International Dialling Code: +973

City Code: 1 Manama

Fixed lines: 276,500 (2011)

Mobile Lines: 1.694 million (2011)

Mobile Penetration: 133%

Mobile Operators:

Batelco, the national operator

Zain, part of Zain Kuwait

Viva, part of Saudi Telecom Company (STC)



Internet Country Code: .bh

Internet hosts: 47,427 (2,012)

Internet Users: 961,228 or 77% of the population (2012)

Facebook users: 390,000 (2012)

Twitter Users: 80,000 (2012)

Time and Business Calendar

3 hours ahead of GMT


Public Holidays

New Year's Day: January1st

Prophet Mohammed's birthday: January 24th

Labour Day: May 1st

Eid al-Fitr: August 7th

Eid al-Adha: October 14th

Islamic New Year (Muharram): November 4th

Ashura: November 12th

National Day: December 17th


Business working hours:
Generally Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 16:00.  Weekend runs from Friday to Saturday. Banks open from 07:30 to 14:00 although some branches open in the afternoon.


Business etiquette and social conventions

The best asset of Bahrain is the Bahrainis. They are well-educated and trained business oriented people well known for their charisma and hospitality.  Although more liberalised than its neighbouring countries, Bahrain is above all a Muslim country and Bahrainis are religious people.


Business Meetings and tips

English is commonly spoken in Bahrain. In business meetings punctuality doesn’t have the Western meaning, so you might face delays. Be prepared to wait. It is always advisable to confirm the meetings in advance.  Dates and Arabic tea are often served during business meetings. To prevent the tea boy from continuously pouring more coffee in your cap, move your cup sideways, which is sign that you have finished it. Unlike in neighbouring countries, women are an active part of the business and politics communities at all levels.


Dress code

The traditional costume for men, which consist of a thobe or long white robe bottomed up to neck and a white squared scarf covering their heads, is used at official happenings and important occasions.  But suit and tie are increasingly common. Women wear abayas or the long black dress from neck to toe and head cover with a veil, at least in public places and in official meetings. However, their clothing is also migrating into a more westernised style with trousers or long skirts, long-sleeved blouses and headscarf.  For foreigners, suit is advisable for business meetings when it comes to men. For women the recommendation is to always wear modest and respectful attire.



Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims and it is illegal for a foreigner to eat, drink or smoke in public during that time.

Basic Vocabulary


Hello: as-salam alaykum (when you are the first to greet)

Goodbye: ma`salama (when you leave)

Goodbye: alla ysalmak (when you stay)

Good Morning: sabah ala-kheir

Good Afternoon: masa`al-kheir
Good Night: tisbah ala-kheir

Welcome: ahlan wa shalan / marhaba

aywa / na´am

No: la

Maybe: mumkin

Please: min fadlak / min fadliki (M/F)

Thank you: shukran

You are welcome: afwan

Excuse me: lo tismah

Ok: tayib

No problem: mafi mushkila

Let´s go: Yallah

Good willing (hopefully): inshallah.


I: ana

You: inta/inti (m/f)
He: huwa

She: hiya
We: nahnu

You: untum/inti (m/f)

They: uhum


Monday: yom al ithnayn

Tuesday: yom al-thalatha

Wednesday: yom al-arba´

Thursday: yom al-khamis

Friday: yom al-jama´a

Saturday: yom as-sabt

Sunday : yom al-had


Zero: sifr

One: Wahid

Two: ithnin

Three: thlatha

Four: arba´a

Five: khamsa

Six: sitta

Seven: sab´a

Eight: thimania

Nine: tis´a

Ten: ashra


What?: Shuw? Eesh?

Why?: Laysh?

Who?: Meen?

When?: Mata?

Where?: Wayn?

How?: Kayf?

May I?: Mumkin

Could You please…?: Mumkin min fadhlak?

Where is the…?: Wayn al…?

What does it mean?: Esh yanni?

What time is it?: Sa´kam?

It is…: Sa´ (time)

How Much..?: Bikaam



How are you?: kay fahlak / kay fahlik? (M/F)

Fine, thanks: zein al-hamdulillah

Who cares?: kalli valli

What´s your name?: Esh ismak?/Esh ismik? (M/F)

My name is ____: ismi ___

I understand: Ana fahim/ana fahma (M/F)

I don´t understand: Ana mu fa-him / ana mu fahhma (M/F) or la

Mu fahim

Do you speak English?: titkallam inglizi?

French: fransawi

I don´t speak Arabic: ma-atakallam arabi

Where are you from?: Inta min-wayn / Inti min-wayn? (M/F)

I´m from____: Anaa min ____

Europe: Oropa

America: Ameriki

India: Al hindi

I´m sick: Ana marrriedh

I like: Ana ahebb

I don´t like: Ana ma ahehabb

I want: Ana Areed


above or up: fo´gh

Behind: wara

Here: hni

in front of: jeddam

Next to: iyyaam

Opposite: mjabel

Straight: seede

There: hnak

to the left: ala yassar

To the right: ala yameen

Kuwait in Spain

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Our latest investment report on Kuwait was recently published in one of the leading Spanish dailies, ABC.  FindMe in Kuwait explores the economic perspectives of Kuwait and the country´s future plans to compete with its fast developing neighbours. Once the leading country of the Gulf, Kuwait has remained silent for the past decade. And although many would like to see faster changes, Kuwait is moving, at its pace, to them. Inexorably. Learn about who is who in Kuwait and read what the leaders say about their own future in our upcoming release: FindMe in Kuwait Mobile app.


Stay tuned - Stay Ahead

GGC launches FMS and FMB mobile apps

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GGC concludes FindMe in Bahrain

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Global Gulf Consulting has concluded its latest production on Bahrain, FindMe in Bahrain giving the country a fresh approach after a couple of difficult years of local demonstrations that matched the global recession.  Bahrain is a small island in the Arabian Gulf with an incredible potential for logistics, industries and tourism. FindMe in Bahrain was supported by both the public and private sector of Bahrain.  Banagas, Nass Corporation, BBK and DHL were GGC strategic partners in the development of the series among others.  

FindMe in Bahrain is available at the local bookstores Jashamal and online as well as in the Apple Store. It is a full business leisure and business guide for any investor or visitor interested in traveling to Bahrain or for those that already live there.


New release: FindMe in Saudi 2013 Edition

FindMe in Saudi offers a multi-faceted overview combining business and leisure, economy and heritage. The book aims to capture the current development of Saudi Arabia in the words of the people who live and work there. It is an authoritative source of information for investors, businessmen and travellers produced to firmly position KSA as an attractive investment destination.

In contains general information about the country´ economic performance and who is who as a sectorial overview and a leisure guide.    

FindMe in Saudi 2013
FMS 2012 A4 v15 web.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [45.4 MB]

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